ViralColor Wall Lights(NOW ONLY $14.99)
ViralColor Wall Lights(NOW ONLY $14.99)
ViralColor Wall Lights(NOW ONLY $14.99)
ViralColor Wall Lights(NOW ONLY $14.99)
ViralColor Wall Lights(NOW ONLY $14.99)
ViralColor Wall Lights(NOW ONLY $14.99)

ViralColor Wall Lights(NOW ONLY $14.99)

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With our ViralColor Wall Lights, you'll be able to transform your room in seconds!  Utilize over 300 LEDs to boost the mood and set the vibes of your room. With tons of colors to choose from, there's no getting tired of these dreamy lights!




Determine where you want to hang the fairy curtain lights, and the popular choices are patio or around the windows of your home, or under the eaves of your roof, along or under the railing of your deck, etc .

Use a tape measure to measure the location you will place the lights, get the ropes, or clips ready for hanging the lights. Our curtain light comes with 10 hooks, which can be easily installed on the curtain, canopy or tapestry.


  1. Remove the package, plug to test our each light string and make sure everything is in good condition
  2. Find usb plug and main wire out, and lay string light out along with the main wire on the ground
  3. Please do not untie the ropes of light strings when you lay 10 strings out .otherwise they will be easy to tangle together during hanging.
  4. Hang and install the first light string properiy with ropes, or clips, or nails or hooks to the place where you want to decorate, repeat this process untill you reach to last string, then untie the ropes of the 10 strings
  5. You can select your favorite flash model by pressing the usb button or use the remote control and then enjoy the beauty of the fairy light.

High Brightness Bright LED Curtain Lights

300 LED lights which have blue, green, purple, yellow 4 color, widespread lighting source, provide powerful light, When the night fall, the twinkle fairy lights will light up your room, also light up your heart.


The Best Choice of Backdrop Lights

Great Decoration for Party, Garden, Window, Wedding, Bedroom, Christmas tree, Valentine's Day, Porch, Holiday, Shows, Restaurant, Commercial Building.

Dimensions: 9.8 ft (3M) X 9.8 ft (3M)
Includes Easy Control Remote
4 Animated Lighting Modes
16 Colors To Choose From
Automatic On/Off Timer